15 Adobe Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers

 Photoshop plugins are web designers best kept secret. Plugins for Adobe Photoshop can give you extra features and functions not found in the default software installation. There are plugins for instantly adding filters, borders, edges, special effects, and even routine tasks like cropping and resizing photos. Using plugins on your Photoshop projects will save you time and allow you to create even more stunning graphics and photos for the web. Check out these 15 Adobe Photoshop plugins for web designers to add creative filters and save yourself time while working on Photoshop projects for your website, blog, or advertising campaigns.

1. HTML Block

Web designers often need to work with HTML and CSS. With this plugin you can add code to any PSD project file simply by entering it as text in a new HTML block layer. This free plugin works great for adding web fonts to your site or creating scalable navigation buttons for your menus.

2. Cut&Slice

This free plugin for Adobe Photoshop allows you to export slices of your Photoshop Document file for use in other projects or on websites and blogs. This designer-favorite plugin is a huge improvement on Photoshop’s native slicing feature, which relies on rigidly defined table-style slices.

3. Blow Up

The Blow Up plugin by trusted third-party Photoshop developer Alien Skin is a great tool for resizing photos and graphics within Adobe Photoshop. This plugin was designed to enable automatic scaling of images without loss of quality. The plugin comes with a free trial so you can test its functionality before purchasing.

4. SuperPNG

PNG files are highly compressed image file that make for great, fast-loading web graphics. Those with WordPress hosting will love the lossless conversion process SuperPNG offers, and this free plugin can also save your metadata for improved overall SEO.

5. PixelDropr

The PixelDropr plugin allows Photoshop users to create local libraries of frequently used design elements and edits. Install this premium plugin if you find yourself frequently recreating common themes, graphical elements, bordering or other features for your websites and themes.

6. AI Canvas

This plugin automates the task of converting your PSD Photoshop files to AI files for instant compatibly with Adobe Illustrator. You can even use this plugin to add animations and other effects to your Photoshop designs. This free plugin comes in three versions for use with any version of Photoshop from CS3 to the current release of Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud.

7. Ditto

Ditto is a free plugin for Photoshop that enables variable creation on any element from text to new image layers. This is convenient if you’re creating images for responsive websites or working on graphics with pre-determined variable requirements. Use this plugin to test your current work-in-progress designs or make sure your new projects meet project-sizing rules. 

8. Retinize It

If you are a web designer for modern blogs and websites, it’s probably time you start building for retina displays. Retina displays are high-density displays created by Apple that show increased pixel density for better viewing of graphics, pictures, and video. This plugin for Photoshop can make sure your images are Retina-ready and increase the pixel density of your graphics for a higher quality display on your website.

9. Perspective Tools

Perspective is important in many types of web graphics and designs. The built-in perspective tool in Adobe Photoshop is arguably quite limited, but fret no more, this plugin expands your perspective-shifting options ten-fold. The Perspective Tools plugin can help you twist, merge, and shift the perspective or angle on any PSD image or web graphic.

10. NeatImage

NeatImage is a plugin for Photoshop that does what some designers may have thought impossible: it fills in details in grainy images to create higher-definition graphics. This plugin works by using color detection and cloning-like methods to give your photos the appearance of having been taken with a higher-quality lens or in better lighting conditions.

11. Long Shadow Generator

The Long Shadow Generator plugin for Adobe Photoshop, as its name implies, allows you to cast long shadows below any image or element in your PSD project. This is real time-saver if you’re creating menu buttons with drop-shadows. This will also help you create more uniform shadows if you’ve previously had to draw them by hand or use the drop-shadow function multiple times on a single element.

12. Copio

Copio allows you to copy and paste entire layers from one Photoshop project to another. This will come in handy if you have a layer with multiple elements in it such as text blocks, pasted images, and patterns or stamps. There’s no inherent way to do this in Photoshop, so if you’ve ever needed to transfer a layer to another image this plugin is a guaranteed time saver.

13. WebZap

This premium Photoshop plugin was made specifically for web designers who want an easier way to create mock-ups and prototype designs for sites and blogs. This plugin is a great download for anyone with WordPress hosting who intends on modifying themes or creating custom carousel images and other site graphics.

14. Skeuomorphism

Web designers looking for to convert existing graphics into flat images for the web will love this flattening plugin from Skeuomorphism. This plugin can instantly convert gradients and overlapping colors and layers into a flat graphic unlike. This plugin is unlike anything found in the standard Photoshop menu options, going several steps farther than the “Flatten Image” button.

15. CSS3P

Any Photoshop web designer who’s looked into converting PSD to CSS will appreciate the convenience offered by this free plugin. Once installed, this cloud-based plugin can convert your entire image to HTML and CSS code within seconds for easy download and reuse on the web.

Install these and other Adobe Photoshop plugins by using their respective executable installer file or manually by extracting them to the Adobe/Plugins folder on your computer. By using these plugins you will save editing time and enable added features like unique and crafty filters and frames for your web graphics. These plugins automate editing tasks and create impressive designs to overlay just about any type of graphic.

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